• What will Creative Mindflow do for me?

    •  Gain new insights into long-standing problems
    •  Sharpen mental clarity
    •  Develop new ideas and solutions
    •  Break creative "blocks"
    •  Solve relationship issues-both personal and  professional
    •  Heal past traumas that disrupt the present
    •  Improve physical and emotional health
    •  Deepen spirituality
    •  Team building
    •  Stress management High performance Big ideas on-demand

    Scheduled Activities

  • June 27th, Observation Baltimore: Break your creative block workshop
  • Oct. 29, Remembering Your Life Purpose Workshop in Silver Spring

  • Brainwaves: How the Creative Mind Work

    George Pierson, founder of Creative Mindflow will guide you step-by-step through the miraculous creative process with brainwave demonstration and exercises.

  • While at Expo visit our booth for special Expo offers
    (Booth 112)
  • Brainwave Feedback Coaching for Executives
    Being in key business postions these days allows little time for anything other than focusing on various business objectives. With the recent opening of Creative Mindflow's downtown office only two blocks from the White House, there's a whole new way to focus and achieve high performance business breakthroughs in the comfort of a leather recliner...and with sessions lasting little over an hour.

    As you sit back and relax, George Pierson, founder of Creative Mindflow guides you gently into lower brainwave frequency states to reflect and obtain new insights and creative business solutions. In this effortless way of "working", you'll discover the key to accessing creative solutions of every kind effecting all aspects of your business and your life. You'll also be given simple straight forward techniques to do this own your own.

    Call for a free consultation of how neurofeedback can work for you to enhance your business goals and your well being. Call George at 301 325-5987 to arrange for a meeting your office or ours.

Creative MindFlow offers several services for businesses, professional organizations, and individuals:

  • Individual Awakened Mind Training & Coaching
    what to expect in a private session
  • Executive Awakened Mind Brainwave Training
    (Individuals and Teams)
  • Creative Mindflow Workshops
    (see schedule  below)
    Weekly Awakened Mind Guided Meditations

Who can benefit from Creative Mindflow?

Anyone who wishes to tap into the full creative potential of their minds! Including:

  •  Business Executives
  •  Entrepreneurs
  •  Creative Executives
  •  Managers
  •  Artists
  •  Educators
  •  Scientists
  •  Professionals
  •  Students Parents Healers



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