Would you like to come up with the "big idea" at work? Develop a new business or project? Solve problems in your relationships? Break through your communications Blocks? Write? Paint? Perform?

You can do all those things and more- if you tap the powerful reserves of creativity that lie within your unconscious mind. Because. ..You're More Creative Than You Think.

Creative Mindflow... The Key to the Power

Within You

Over the past 30 years, this brainwave training methodology has achieved extraordinary results with its combination of meditation and biofeedback techniques, helping thousands of people achieve better performance in business, sports, relationships, communications, music and artistic expression.

Creative Mindflow can help you:

  •  Gain new insights into long-standing problems
  •  Sharpen mental clarity
  •  Develop new ideas and solutions
  •  Break creative "blocks"
  •  Solve relationship issues-both personal and  professional
  •  Heal past traumas that disrupt the present
  •  Improve physical and emotional health
  •  Deepen spirituality

Simply put, Creative Mindflow can improve and enhance every aspect of your life.

Creative Mindflow: Ideal for Individual or Group Training Creative Mindflow uses the latest in EEG and brainwave encephalographic technology and can be tailored to the needs of individuals or groups. Read about our Services>>

Behind Creative Mindflow: George Pierson, founder of Creative Mindflow, is a designer and former media executive. He has investigated all areas of human consciousness and is trained to teach the Anna Wise awakened mind protocol. Read more about George>>


Creative Mindflow offers private and group creativity coaching and workshops. Our workshops explore the relationship between creative behavior -insights, inspired choices, finding solutions-and a state called the "Awakened Mind" which was first discovered using special brainwave EEG (electroencephalograph) technology by Maxwell C. Cade in England in the 1970's.

Anna Wise, who assisted Cade in his research, using this same technology and author of "Awakening The Mind" and "The High Performance Mind", spent 25 years of brainwave observation and research on her own. During this period she discovered methodology that allows others to experience these high performance awakened mind states with brainwave state and personal content training. Anna is considered to be one of the world's leading authorities in non-linear EEG brain wave training.

In the awakened mind state as described by Wise, "the mind is clearer, sharper, quicker and more flexible than ordinarily states. Thinking feels fluid rather than rigid. Emotions become more available and understandable, easier to work with and transform. Information flows more easily between the conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels. Intuition, insight and empathy increase and become more integrated into normal consciousness. With the awakened mind it becomes easier to visualize or image, and to apply this increased imagination to one's creative process in many areas".

As described by Anna Wise in her book "Awakening the Mind"... "each state of consciousness that you experience entails a symphony of brain waves, with each frequency playing its own characteristic part. This finely woven, intricate interrelationship of brainwave frequencies delicately determines your state of consciousness. While you are rarely producing only one type of brain wave at a time, each category of brain wave has its own unique qualities and characteristics".

The combination of your brain wave patterns at any given time not only determine your state of consciousness but also determine the effectiveness of accessing creativity and problem solving.

Creative Mindflow allows you to develop and experience the different awakened mind components: relaxation, beta mastery (coherent thinking and problem-solving), alpha mastery (increased sensory awareness), and theta and delta access (normally "subconscious" or "unconscious" states, associated with our primordial experiences and our membership of the human species and sources of creativity). As we do this, Creative Mindflow encourages expression and inner sensual "land marking" so as to facilitate access to these awakened states during normal everyday life.

Creative Mindflow workshops are conducted by George Pierson who is certified by Anna Wise to teach her methodology. He is a visual artist and former television creative executive.


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